What happens if one of our presenters arrives wearing green?

Chromakey can be used to block out virtually any color. The reason the video production industry settled on bright green is due largely to the fact that this particular color is rarely used. You don't see too many business professionals walking around in bright green suits, do you? That said, it's not uncommon for accessories such as jewelry, scarves, neckties, or even fingernail polish to have a splash of green. We may be able to adjust the chromakey enough to accommodate some green colors. If not, we do have a stash of clothing accessories available that you're welcome to use.

Is it possible to use chromakey with your traditional cyc?

While it is technically possible, we don't recommend it. Our traditional cyc is a neutral color and intended to be used as a clutter-free background. If you want a chromakey effect, book time in front of our green screen instead. You'll get much better results.

We would like to produce a video where our CEO stands in front of video depicting various historical events. Can we use a DVD from a documentary as a source?

Most DVDs contain copyrighted material, which you cannot use. We can, however, recommend several potential sources of royalty-free stock video. Stock video photography is readily available, and it's often quite reasonable.

Is it possible to place our CEO in front of our website for a video?

Absolutely. In fact, you have a couple of options. For example, you could create a standard video with the website used as the video background for visual interest. Another option is to create a video of your CEO — and only your CEO — to use as a video overlay that appears on top of your website. McAllen Green Screen Studio can help you with either option.

Why should we use a green screen studio when we could order cheap green screens online?

If you're looking to create an in-house green screen studio at your office, it is indeed possible to order small green screens online. That said, you will also need lighting, audio and video recording equipment, and green screen software — at a minimum. This can quickly become an expensive endeavor, and the results are often less than desirable.

On the other hand, if you'd like to produce the occasional green screen video without building your own studio from scratch, you'll appreciate McAllen Green Screen Studio. Our rates are reasonable, and our results are professional.

Can I book time at McAllen Green Screen Studio on short notice?

Our schedule varies from week to week, but we will do our best to accommodate you. Contact us immediately to discuss your green screen studio requirements.



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