Rent our Green Screen by the Hour or by the Day
McAllen Green Screen Studio features a huge green screen "cyc." This isn't a simple flat green curtain; it is a massive, bright green hardscape that surrounds you from floor to ceiling seamlessly. Even the floor is green. Rounded transitions and professional lighting work together to create a colorful background that can be completely removed and replaced with alternate video footage.

Rent our green screen studio by the hour - McAllen Green Screen Studio is available for rent by the hour, making it ideal for the occasional green screen video shot as well as regular features.

Rent our green screen studio by the day - Do you have a longer production or want to shoot multiple videos at once? Daily rates are available.

McAllen Green Screen Studio Rental Tips
Green screen technology is used to remove all video elements of a specific color, in this case green. Thus, if you arrive wearing a green necktie or bright green fingernail polish, guess what will happen? Those items will turn transparent in the finished video. Any person or object that will appear in front of the green screen should not wear or contain green.

We also recommend arriving prepared. Rehearse your script offsite so that you're ready to deliver it once you arrive at McAllen Green Screen Studio. While we certainly allow you to rehearse here at the studio, you will be billed by the hour or day regardless of how you choose to use that green screen time.

We want your experience at McAllen Green Screen Studio to be phenomenal. Contact us today to learn more.

Green Screen Studio Rental fees:

Studio rental and lights included:
$100.00 per hour
$500.00 for 12 hours
$800.00 for 24 hours
$300.00 for 4 hours

DLSR Camera Lease
Tripod included
Nikon D610 HD: $40.00 per hour
Lumix G4: $50.00 per hour

Extra lights: $50 per 8 hours

Computer lease for video and graphics & Teleprompter:
$75.00 per hour




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