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Put Yourself in Front of Any Background at McAllen Green Screen Studio

McAllen Green Screen Studio allows you to tap into the magic of video production without huge investment. We've built the largest green screen studio in McAllen, Texas and offer both traditional and green screen video production services. Whether you need to produce a compelling web video, sales presentation, virtual spokesperson, music video, or product demo, McAllen Green Screen Studio makes it possible to superimpose video images on top of stock or custom video footage.

Specialized Green Screen Services
McAllen Green Screen Studio specializes in green screen video production. Our chromakey technicians are skilled at lighting the set for optimal effect and calibrating the equipment to perfection.

Our extra large green screen allows for variable sizing and a wide range of effects. For example, you could have a virtual spokesperson walk across a webpage or "drop in" from above.

Traditional Video Production Services
McAllen Green Screen Studio is a full service video production facility complete with professional lighting, cameras, teleprompters, audio, switching, CG, and editing equipment.

You'll love McAllen Green Screen Studio's video crew. We work with each client to produce professional results. Whether you need to book a few hours in front of a green screen or would like us to take care of all aspects of producing your video, we're confident that you'll be impressed.


Why Use a Green Screen Studio?
Want to shoot a video in front of the Taj Mahal, Mt. Everest, a sandy beach, or an erupting volcano? Even if you had the budget to travel around the world for those shots, doing so isn't necessarily practical. McAllen Green Screen Studio allows you to create the illusion without spending a fortune or months filming. We superimpose your image over stock footage, blending the two perfectly, by filming you in front of a green screen. This is the same technology you see every night when you watch weather reports on the nightly news.

  1. Realistic effects
  2. Numerous options
  3. Professional results

Learn more about McAllen Green Screen Studio by exploring our website and viewing some of our sample videos. From there, give us a call to get all of your questions answered.



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