Hard Cyc Wall Video Production
A standby in professional video production and photography, hard cyc walls are rounded, singularly colored background walls. Cyc is short for cyclorama. These backgrounds have a seamless, rounded transition from wall to floor. Our green screen cyc is painted green which allows us to use chromakey technology to fill that green background with an alternate video source.

Use the green screen to:

  1. Replace the background with virtually any video background imaginable
  2. Eliminate the need for an expensive set
  3. Appear in front of animated computer graphics
  4. Present over-the-shoulder videos (like a newscaster)
  5. Interact with a video background
  6. • Interact with a website background

We also have a gray cyc wall which serves as a backdrop for sets and more traditional video productions. Both cyc walls in our green screen studio are equipped with studio lighting grids above and are available for rent on an hourly or daily basis.Use the traditional cyc wall to:

• Serve as a clutter-free background for simple sets

• Showcase your products or spokesmodel without a distracting background



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